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Why invest in influencer marketing?


"AD BLOCK" in the USA

Source: ComScore


of consumers say they trust peer recomendations above all other sources of advertising

Source: Nielsen


of marketers are seeing results in improving brand exposure through influencer engagement

Source: Emarketer



An easy way to earn money.


A faster approval process with brands and agencies


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What we do?

We represent talents (influencers) and produce content.
We connect brands with your target audience.

Influencer Identification

Our platform has the algorithms and filters to optimize the search for influencers.

Coordination and development of the campaign

With the influencers confirmed there is a direct communication to make sure that the contents that are going to be published are the correct ones.

When the campaing is on air

Direct communication with confirmed influencers to make sure the campaign content is the correct one

Campaing Analytics

We have all the information you need to analyze before, during and after influencer marketing campaing.

Define a fair price for each type of content

Influmedia’s predictive intelligence and algorithm calculates the exact price for each type of content, having in mind all the factors that affect calculating the price in each social network of each influencer.

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